12 Feminist Resolutions for 2019

Let’s make 2019 the most empowering year yet!

This list was inspired by https://www.theodysseyonline.com/12-resolutions-feminist-new-year.

Art by Hana Shafi

  1. Stop Shame

Gauche image of a woman with a tear
Art by Natalia Vico

I will not be ashamed to do what my body and mind requires to stay healthy and happy.

I will not feel shame when I ask for help. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It is OK to feel weak at times.

Resolution: I will not feel shame for being different; I will not feel shame for being similar.

  1. Break Judgement

 Different plants growing at different rates
Art by the Equality Institute  

I will not judge what other women choose to do to keep their bodies and minds healthy and happy.

I will not judge women based on their appearance.

Resolution: I will not judge myself if I have a bad day; I will not judge others if they have one. 

  1. Intersectional Feminist

Art by Tyler Feder

Inclusive and effective feminism must represent the diverse needs, experiences and interests of women.

Challenges can intersect and amplify existing vulnerabilities related to race, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, gender-identity, abilities, and class.

Resolution: I will strive to make my feminism more inclusive. I understand that not everyone has the same experiences, and I will commit to listening and learning in order to be a better feminist and ally.

  1. Commit to Reconciliation

Art by Jay Soule

I will educate myself on the land I stand on and its connection to historical colonial violence and present day inequities. I will support Indigenous land, resource and treaty claims. I will stand in solidarity with Indigenous women as they seek justice, safety, and accommodation.

I will buy from Indigenous businesses and support Indigenous artists. I will push my elected representatives to take action on issues that affect Indigenous communities.

Resolution: I acknowledge my personal role in achieving reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous communities. I will strive to be a better ally. I will celebrate Indigenous culture and resilience.

  1. Put Myself First

 Art by Audrey Lee

I will stop feeling selfish when I put myself first.

I will listen to my needs. That might mean taking a sick day if I can afford to do so. That might mean disengaging from a situation if I sense myself feeling emotionally overwhelmed, frustrated or unsafe.

Resolution: I value inner peace; I acknowledge that inner peace is a skill that requires cultivation and effort.  

  1. Banish Doubt

Art by Tyler Feder

I will stop apologizing for taking up space, asking a question, expressing an opinion or having a need.

I will not doubt myself for thinking differently than someone else. I will not hesitate to express my concern if I have one.

Resolution: Disagreement is a reality; respectful communication is a choice.

  1. Seek Knowledge

Art by Camila Rosa

I will continue to educate myself on different topics and issues that go beyond superficial headlines.

I will cultivate my interests regardless of how society or my family might view or value those interests.

Resolution: I will not be afraid to seek knowledge, learn a new skill, or deepen an interest.

  1. Break Oppressive Gender Norms

Art by Calum Heath

I will not shame women who break gender norms nor will I shame women who do not conform.

I will support the ambitions and demands of non-binary folks and communities. I will listen.

Resolution: I will recognize and respect all gender-identities. I understand that traditional gender norms have been oppressive to especially gender non-conforming groups.

  1. Remain Politically Engaged

Art by Erin Aniker

I will remain vigilant to ensure progressive gains are not rolled back. I will show up. I will be vocal. I will not be afraid to ask, What’s in it for us?

I recognize that to be politically engaged means different things to different people. I understand we need allies both within and outside institutions of formal power. I am mindful that different people have different political abilities, comfort levels, and roles.

Resolution: I will remain politically active and stand up for progressive social, health, environmental, immigration, and economic policies. I will only agree to take actions and positions I feel comfortable taking.

  1. Advocate for Gender Equity

Art by Haley Kennedy Studios 

I will speak up for the women – the friends, colleagues, leaders, educators, mothers, neighbours, children, and family –  in my life and advocate for them where I can.

I will not see other women and their achievements as threats. I recognize that a win for one is a win for all.

Resolution: I will do whatever is in my power to empower other women and connect them to resources and opportunities.

  1. Cultivate Financial Literacy

Art by the Equality Institute

I understand that financial literacy is an important component  contingency fund is critical to escaping a bad relationship – whether romantic, employment-wise, or family-wise.

I will try to keep track of spending, save money where possible, and seek information as needed to make financially sound decisions.

Resolution: I will track my spending. I will engage in forward thinking financial planning to ensure a secure and stable future for myself and my dependents.

  1. Pursue Leadership

Art by Tyler Feder

I will not be afraid or ashamed to express interest in leadership positions. I recognize that leadership comes in different forms.

I will reach out and find a mentor if I can or seek someone that will support me in my professional development and personal growth.

Resolution: I will take pride in my achievements. I will not apologize for having ambitions, and I will try my best to reach my goals.

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By Jasmine Ramze Rezaee, Senior Marketing and Advocacy Officer at YWCA Toronto.