3 Reasons Your Daughter Belongs at YWCA’s Camp Tapawingo

So, you are thinking about sending your daughter to camp this summer? Whether your daughter is a seasoned camper or experiencing overnight camp for the first time, all parents want to ensure their daughter is attending a camp that’s right for her interests and goals.

To help you make up your mind, here are just a few things that make YWCA’s Camp Tapawingo on Georgian Bay a unique environment for girls to explore, achieve, play and grow.

1. All girls, no stress

Camp ‘Tap’ is one of only a handful of girls-only camps in Ontario. It attracts a wide range of girls from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. Without boys around, girls are more relaxed and less self-conscious, particularly during their adolescent years. The girls-only setting makes it easier for Camp Tapawingo girls to take risks, try new things and be themselves, creating a healthy environment for exploration and personal growth. And besides, who doesn’t want to be able to run out to grab their clean laundry from the clothesline in just a t-shirt and underwear sometimes?

There’s also something to be said for getting off the grid for a precious week or two. At Camp Tapawingo, all staff and campers turn in their cell phones when they arrive, and only get them back when they leave camp. Without the ability to check their Facebook or text messages constantly, girls learn to spend less time sweating the small stuff and more time having fun.

2. Big enough to have fun, small enough to care

YWCA’s Camp Tapawingo, located just outside of Parry Sound on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay, houses 120 campers per session. With approximately 40 staff members on site (including the cook and nurse), the ratio of campers to staff is 3:1, meaning the girls are very well-supervised and cared for during their stay.

Camp Director Liz Greenway and Camping & Outdoor Education Specialist, Jo Dwhytie have been running Camp Tapawingo for decades, and each decision they make has the girls’ best interests at heart. Liz and Jo make a point of learning every camper’s name within 24 hours of her arrival, and they meet with your daughter’s camp counsellor every day to make sure she is having a good time. If your daughter is feeling homesick, Liz and Jo will do whatever they can to make her feel better. If that means having a bowl of cereal in the dining hall after everyone else has gone off to bed – consider it done.

3. Something for every girl

The incredible variety of activities at YWCA’s Camp Tapawingo means that every girl will have a chance to develop her own talents and interests as well as try all kinds of new things. She can try swimming, sailing, canoeing , mountain biking, rock climbing, yoga, drama, crafting and dancing. There is truly something for everyone at YWCA Camp Tapawingo. Subsidies for low-income campers make the overnight camp experience available to any girl, regardless of her parents’ income.

Many former campers have had such great experiences at Camp Tapawingo that they now send their own daughters to camp. So who knows – if you send your daughter to YWCA Camp Tapawingo this summer, you might be starting a tradition that will last generations.

Sessions for summer 2014 are filling up quickly. To find out more or register your daughter at YWCA Camp Tapawingo, visit camptapawingo.ca or contact us via email at camping@ywcatoronto.org or by phone at 416.652.9374.