Building Strong Economic Futures


Cindy is a Employment Centre participant. Her story is featured in YWCA Toronto’s 2015 Annual Report. 

Cindy left China in 2001, intent on creating a new life and secure a future for her family in Toronto. She felt lost at first. But she soon discovered YWCA Toronto. She enrolled in an employment training program and aced a work placement that led to her first job. “It was so exciting. The YWCA paved the way for my future.” Cindy recalls the significance of simple things like TTC tokens and a business suit for job interviews. “It gave me the confidence to succeed.”

“YWCA Toronto is the place to go. It removes real barriers.”

“YWCA Toronto is the place to go. It removes real barriers.” Cindy is now a Director at Purolator. In 2015, she attended YWCA Toronto’s Women of Distinction Awards as a guest of Sun Life Financial. “It brought back memories seeing the women on stage telling stories just like mine.” It moved her to become a donor. Soon after, Cindy was telling her own story at a YWCA event. “I wanted to give back, because I would not be where I am today without the help YWCA Toronto gave me when I first came to Canada.”


Figures from YWCA Toronto’s 2015 Annual Report

Making Change

YWCA Toronto helps women build strong economic futures. In 2015, we provided employment and skills training to support over 6,000 women on their employment journeys.

As our city welcomes immigrants and refugees from around the world, our services help newcomer women make strong starts. Through one-on-one employment counselling, training and work placements, we help women access the labour market and secure that critical first job.

We are also transforming the skilled trades, a traditionally male-dominated field. Our pre-apprenticeship programs assist in training women to become electricians and refrigeration mechanics. These are stable, sustainable careers with higher wages and advancement opportunities.

At YWCA Toronto, we strive to open doors to independence and opportunity for all women. This is why we advocate for action to tackle income inequality. Women need permanent full-time jobs with benefits, affordable child care and pay equity.

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