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03 Apr

Time to Park the Stigma of Skilled Trades Careers

Employment & Training by YWCA Toronto

It used to be that students or workers that missed entering academically driven career paths ended up in the skilled trades. This second choice often carried a subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – stigma of mediocracy and separated potential leaders from perpetual subordinates. It also separated men from women, as women were not […]

17 Jul

A $15 Minimum Wage Is A Feminist Issue

Chances are you know someone working part-time, from contract to contract, or in a low-wage job — and research shows that person is most likely a woman. Across Canada, women account for 70 per cent of part-time employees and 60 per cent of minimum-wage earners. There is a lot at stake for women — and gender […]

18 Apr

Know Your History on Pay Equity

April 11 is Equal Pay Day in Ontario. As women and allies stand together to demand economic justice, it is important to know the statistics: Indigenous women face a gender pay gap of 57 percent. For women with disabilities, the gap is 46 percent; for immigrant women, 39 percent; for racialized women, 32 percent. Women’s […]

05 Apr

How YWCA Toronto Helps Newcomer Women

Advocacy, Employment & Training by YWCA Toronto

As Toronto welcomes refugees, YWCA Toronto helps newcomer women make a strong start. We interviewed Beverly Justin, Coordinator of our Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program, to gain insights into the program’s impact and the work that remains to support refugee resettlement, and build welcoming communities. What makes you passionate about your role […]

21 Mar

Never Forget That Reconciliation Involves All Of Us

My position at YWCA Toronto is unlike any other. I have taken a small plane in the middle of winter into the Neskantaga First Nation in northern Ontario to deliver training. While visiting Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation in northern British Columbia, a participant gifted me with an Eagle feather passed down from an Elder. That […]

24 Feb

Building a Stronger Future with the Skilled Trades

Employment & Training by YWCA Toronto

Amari Bailey knew she had to make a change. She felt stuck in a customer service job that brought her little satisfaction. “The job was stressful and emotionally draining,” said Amari. “It was never fun for me, it was always just a paycheque.” Despite everything she put into her work, Amari felt completely, utterly replaceable. […]

05 Dec

Celebrating 25 Years of Building Strong Futures for Women

Employment & Training by YWCA Toronto

“It’s important to take the opportunity to celebrate achievements,” said YWCA Toronto CEO Heather McGregor at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of YWCA Toronto’s 3090 Kingston Road Employment and Training Centre. And the employment and training team has a lot to celebrate. In the 25 years since they first opened their doors in Scarborough, they have […]

30 Jun

Building Strong Economic Futures

Employment & Training by YWCA Toronto

Cindy is a Employment Centre participant. Her story is featured in YWCA Toronto’s 2015 Annual Report.  Cindy left China in 2001, intent on creating a new life and secure a future for her family in Toronto. She felt lost at first. But she soon discovered YWCA Toronto. She enrolled in an employment training program and aced a work placement that led to […]

09 Feb

Building the Toronto We Want Starts With Poverty Reduction

Toronto City Council made history and sent a strong message by unanimously adopting TO Prosperity, our city’s first-ever poverty reduction strategy. Now, Council must fund it in the 2016 budget. YWCA Toronto has joined with over 50 civic leaders in calling on Council to ensure that the 2016 budget includes the funding necessary to reduce […]

21 Sep

Time to Make Child Care a Priority

As soon as I announced that I was pregnant, the warnings began: Get on the child care subsidy list. Put your name down on as many child care waiting lists as possible. Do it now. Little did we know that there were 16,802 children ahead of us and that a subsidy was well out of […]