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16 Oct

Honouring stolen sisters through craft and community

Events, Violence Against Women by YWCA Toronto

A dozen women gathered in a community room at YWCA Toronto Winona’s Place for a group crafting session. Despite the upbeat soundtrack and abundance of colourful materials strewn on the table, the mood was sombre and reflective. The warm scent of sage filled the room. It was Sisters in Spirit day on October 4th, a […]

11 Sep

Running for more than a medal

What makes a 5k race the greatest race ever? To be honest, I was not expecting the emotional and inspirational journey that I experienced while participating in the Bang & Olufsen Yorkville 5k Run in support of YWCA Toronto’s Women’s shelters. But by the end of the day, I realized the event made me even […]

03 Jul

Quinoa and Barley and Bulgar…oh my! Community Cooking at YWCA Toronto

Events by YWCA Toronto

By Susannah Ireland Cooking as a group is a great opportunity to learn new techniques in the kitchen while building a sense of community ownership over health and wellness. Women in YWCA Toronto’s shelters were recently invited to attend a healthy cooking workshop to share ideas, ingredients, and a few laughs with their neighbours. When […]

12 Jun

An evening in the life of a 2013 Woman of Distinction

  In her own words, 2013 Woman of Distinction award winner Dr. Ophira Ginsburg recounts her preparation for the awards ceremony on May 2, 2013 – a night she’ll always remember. The big day was finally here – the YWCA Toronto Women of Distinction Awards! In anticipation of an exciting afternoon and evening ahead, I had switched […]

24 May

Donate & Learn Workshop in support of YWCA Toronto

Events, Philanthropy by YWCA Toronto

  I first learned about the Green Lotus, Donate & Learn Workshop at YWCA Toronto’s Elm Centre through LinkedIn and thought, “Brilliant! Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” The opportunity to combine professional development with a worthwhile cause was something I couldn’t miss – and many of the people I met during the networking session […]

14 Feb

YWCA Toronto rises & dances because this is our revolution!

Events, Violence Against Women by YWCA Toronto

YWCA Toronto is rising with one billion others around the world today because we agree with Emma Goldman, “If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution!” YWCA Toronto is rising to express our rage and devastation. And YWCA Toronto is rising because we believe that while it is important and necessary for us to offer […]

21 Jan

We’re Cooking up Something New and Exciting!

Events, Philanthropy by YWCA Toronto

If you receive our monthly YWCA Toronto Turning Points e-newsletter, you’ll already know that this year’s YWCA Women of Distinction event is going to be as distinct as the women we honour! When we launched the first YWCA Women of Distinction back in 1982 at the Royal York, we didn’t know it would become what it is […]

04 Dec

When the Community Gives

Events, Philanthropy by YWCA Toronto

The women in the YWCA Toronto Philanthropy department get excited when people from the community host events on our behalf and donate the proceeds to YWCA Toronto.  Events like these (we call them Third Party Events) are important not only for raising much needed funds but also community awareness and outreach. These events run the […]

13 Sep

Fundraising on the Run!

Events, Philanthropy by YWCA Toronto

Last weekend, I took my fundraising enthusiasm to the streets – in brand new running shoes. There I was, raising funds and running in the 3rd Annual Bang & Olufsen 5K Yorkville Run, held in support of YWCA Toronto’s women shelters. As the Annual Giving Officer for YWCA Toronto, I knew that the run was […]

15 May

Midwives: A Critical Workforce to Save Lives

Events, Health by YWCA Toronto

It is a tremendous honour to be named as one of Toronto’s Women of Distinction by the YWCA in the category of Health. This award is especially meaningful as it is given by women to women and recognizes the essential importance of the ongoing need to improve the lives of women and girls in this […]