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14 May

Why Girls’ Spaces Are Critical

By Toyo Ajibolade “Girls as young as seven are becoming more self-conscious, losing confidence, and giving up sport as a result” – Huffington Post UK I’ve seen and read plenty of similar articles over the past few years and each time, the ages of the girls are getting younger. These articles and reports are written […]

11 Oct

Two Young Leaders That Give Us Hope

Advocacy, Girls, Infographics by YWCA Toronto

Meet Kulsoom and Renolla. They are bright, dedicated and ready to take on the world. Kulsoom is currently studying Human Biology at the University of Toronto – Scarborough and was a YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre participant for 11 years. She was co-chair of the Girls’ Council and is now an alumna of the Centre.  This […]

24 Apr

Inspired to Code

Girls by YWCA Toronto

My name is Erum and I am a grade 12 student at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute. My role at the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre is Media Relations Specialist on the Girls’ Council, which is an advisory committee made up of girls who are interested in advocating for gender equity. I have visited several tech […]

29 Nov

This #GivingTuesday Help Empower Girls

Girls, Philanthropy by YWCA Toronto

Growing up as a girl in today’s world can be a struggle. From bullying, harassment, and inequality to balancing family life with the expectations of school, girls and young women face many challenges. Discovering who you are and who you want to become can be a tough process and too many girls confront these struggles […]

28 Jul

Girls Rule at Digital Literacy Camp

Girls, Philanthropy by YWCA Toronto

Joselyn is a recent high school graduate and volunteer at YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre. Joselyn reflects on her experience as a mentor at the 2016 Digital Girls – Digital Literacy Camp. The Girls’ Centre is such an important part of my life.  When I am there, it feels like home.  I started as a participant […]

13 Oct

Why You Need To Vote On October 19th

Advocacy, Election 2015, Girls by YWCA Toronto

I turned 12 earlier this year. Not long before my birthday, my confidence in being a girl plummeted. This wasn’t just an age related blip. It was more of a deep frustration about being a female in a society that fails to recognize us as equals. I felt as though my future was limited by […]

21 Sep

Time to Make Child Care a Priority

As soon as I announced that I was pregnant, the warnings began: Get on the child care subsidy list. Put your name down on as many child care waiting lists as possible. Do it now. Little did we know that there were 16,802 children ahead of us and that a subsidy was well out of […]

15 Sep

When There Is No Place To Call Home

Dorothy said it best, “there is no place like home.”  Home is our refugee, our castle…home sweet home.  But what if you did not know how long you would have a place to stay, perhaps a day, a week or a few months?  What if you were not sure what address to put on your […]

14 Jul

Imagine a National Child Care Strategy

There are 16,802 children in Toronto currently on the waiting list for affordable child care. Many of their mothers make weekly phone calls, crossing their fingers and hoping that a space has finally opened up for their child. With their children in a secure and safe child care centre, women can get back to work, […]

08 Oct

Girls’ Council Yearbook Reflections

Girls by YWCA Toronto

The YWCA Toronto Girls’ Council plays a key role in planning the programs, events and activities offered at the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre in south Scarborough. The Centre provides girls and young women with a safe and fun girls-only space to develop leadership skills and try new things. As another year of Girls’ Centre programming commences, […]