Category: Truth and Reconciliation

04 Oct

The Erasure Of Indigenous Women From Toronto’s Election Scares Me

Before the summer’s end, I visited two friends, two Indigenous women who are also lawyers like me. We met up near Davenport Road. We chatted over dessert and drinks. Eventually we decided to leave, and I ordered a car sharing service. It arrived with another man inside but I had not ordered a carpool. I […]

21 Mar

Never Forget That Reconciliation Involves All Of Us

My position at YWCA Toronto is unlike any other. I have taken a small plane in the middle of winter into the Neskantaga First Nation in northern Ontario to deliver training. While visiting Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation in northern British Columbia, a participant gifted me with an Eagle feather passed down from an Elder. That […]

21 Jun

Take the TRC Reading Challenge

June 21 is National Aboriginal Day in Canada. At YWCA Toronto, we celebrate and honour Indigenous peoples and heritage – today and everyday. We are dedicated to the work of reconciliation and continue to call for justice, safety and a new relationship with Indigenous Peoples.  Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future – the ground-breaking Truth and […]

06 Oct

Demand Reconciliation with Aboriginal Peoples

Seven years ago, the Prime Minister apologized to former students of residential schools, their families and communities. He officially acknowledged that Canada’s 150-year policy of seizing Aboriginal children and placing them in government-supported, church-run residential schools was wrong and misguided.  He remembered the thousands of children who never made it home, and the children who […]

30 Sep

Indigenous Women’s Voices

I hear them too. All of them. The voices of hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. They hang in the air of our collective conscience, refusing to be silenced or forgotten. Stories of women waging an endless war against our inertia and indifference, stubbornly reminding us we share a land where justice […]