Category: Violence Against Women

30 Sep

Indigenous Women’s Voices

I hear them too. All of them. The voices of hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. They hang in the air of our collective conscience, refusing to be silenced or forgotten. Stories of women waging an endless war against our inertia and indifference, stubbornly reminding us we share a land where justice […]

18 Sep

Five Key Questions to Ask Federal Party Leaders

Kofi Annan once said, “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.” In Canada, the struggle to realize equal rights for women and girls is far from over. Our gender pay gap is twice the global average; almost 1,200 Indigenous women are reported as missing or murdered; one in three […]

28 Jan

#BellLetsTalk about Gender-Based Violence and Mental Health

Health, Violence Against Women by YWCA Toronto

On Bell Let’s Talk Day, we shatter the silencing effect of stigma and open up the dialogue about mental health. YWCA Toronto’s mental health programs for women were enriched last year with a community grant from Bell Canada, which helps us offer more programming for women at our Elm Centre who are coping with mental […]

03 Dec

A Remarkable Gift

By Heather McGregor, CEO YWCA Toronto Today, I am honoured to announce that YWCA Toronto has received a groundbreaking $1 million matching gift for YWCA Toronto’s December 6 Fund. Julia M. Ruby’s five proud daughters’ generous donation will keep their mother’s remarkable legacy alive by transforming the lives of the many women and children in […]

26 Nov

A Gift Box for the Women of Toronto

Last Monday morning, I walked out of the cold wind into the warm glitter of the Bay Adelaide Centre. In the PATH concourse, I saw the familiar YWCA Toronto logo wrapped around a huge, transparent box: the YWCA Toronto Gift Box. Designed as a public, interactive installation, the Gift Box invites passersby to pause and […]

20 Aug

“Those are some nice pu**ies”: Street harassment is NOT flattering

Advocacy, Violence Against Women by YWCA Toronto

By YWCA Toronto volunteer Geneviève François-Kermode Street harassment: if you’re a woman, you’re probably well aware of it. In fact, you’ve probably experienced it more times than you can count. I know I have. Everything from the usual “Hey, beautiful” to men whistling at me from their cars, to the latest incident: a man in his […]

04 Jun

Open letter to the Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Last week, YWCA Toronto and other Canadian women’s organizations sent a letter urging our federal government to support efforts to bring home Nigeria’s kidnapped school girls, and to develop a national strategy to address rampant violence against women in Canada and around the world. Read the letter below. May 29, 2014 Right Honourable Stephen Harper […]

26 Mar

YWCA Toronto Elm Centre helps tenant say “F-You” to violence and grief

Health, Violence Against Women by YWCA Toronto

YWCA Toronto Elm Centre tenant Tara Muldoon talks to MTV Canada about her non-profit organization YWCA Toronto Elm Centre tenant Tara Muldoon is giving a big F-You to the world. That is, she’s sharing her non-profit organization, F-You: The Forgiveness Project, with the world. The F-You Project is a monthly speaker series that asks one […]

07 Mar

Revealing the roots of cyber-violence

On March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s Day. As more and more girls grow up online, it’s important to explore the ways that technology can be a tool used for violence – or empowerment. This International Women’s Day, we look at how the same old gender stereotypes can manifest in online communication, and what girls […]

02 Dec

Twelve names, twelve stories

by Attiya Khan, Registrar, YWCA Toronto’s December 6th Fund In late November every year, I email Constable Wendy Drummond at Toronto Police Service to ask for the names of women who have been murdered in Toronto. As the registrar for YWCA Toronto’s December 6th Fund, which provides interest-free loans to help women flee abuse, every […]