Clicking to Build a Better City!

Sshh! Can you hear it? Yes that’s it…all that clicking. No, it’s not the sound of a million little bed bug feet—and we are all grateful for that! That sound you hear is the busy clicking of mouse buttons and computer keys as residents from Scarborough to Etobicoke log on to complete the Toronto Services Review survey.

The Toronto Services Review is our City government’s attempt to find out which services we think are important, who we think should deliver them and who we think should pay for them.

If a public health strategy to fight bed bugs is what’s important to you, you can tell the City government here. Same goes for affordable housing, employment programs, infrastructure, the arts…,

Information about the Review – and the dozens of services provided by the City is available at

So why would you participate in this review?

• Because this is our City.
• Because we have a responsibility to participate in the decisions affecting this City.
• Because there is a lot at stake.
• Because in other places in the world, people are literally dying for democracy and the right to participate in decision making.
• Because you will learn a lot about the City and its services.

The survey is just one tool, imperfect to be sure and certainly inadequate on its own. Still, democracy requires a diversity of discussions. The survey is one.

Choose to be hopeful – and to be part of making this City great!

So click through to There’s even a form for you to print off and mail if you prefer.

You have until June 17th to PARTICIPATE!

Melanie Persaud is the Part-time Communications Officer and periodic blogger.