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12 Mar

My Life, My Say: RBC Sustainable Livelihoods Program

When women have the tools for financial independence, they empower themselves and their communities. That’s why RBC is investing $50,000 in Sustainable Livelihoods, a pilot project with YWCA Toronto to support job readiness and financial literacy for young women in Etobicoke and Rexdale. The program will train 45 low-income women aged 16 to 25 in […]

22 Nov

Shoes tell a story

Events by YWCA Toronto

By Lise Schofield, YWCA Toronto Manager of Marketing and Communications YWCA Toronto’s recent Celebration of Philanthropy featured award-winning novelist Katherine Govier’s The Shoe Project, in which moving and humorous spoken stories about shoes were presented to a captivated audience. The Shoe Project, (supported by the Bata Shoe Museum and The Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation), […]

16 Oct

Honouring stolen sisters through craft and community

Events, Violence Against Women by YWCA Toronto

A dozen women gathered in a community room at YWCA Toronto Winona’s Place for a group crafting session. Despite the upbeat soundtrack and abundance of colourful materials strewn on the table, the mood was sombre and reflective. The warm scent of sage filled the room. It was Sisters in Spirit day on October 4th, a […]

11 Sep

Running for more than a medal

What makes a 5k race the greatest race ever? To be honest, I was not expecting the emotional and inspirational journey that I experienced while participating in the Bang & Olufsen Yorkville 5k Run in support of YWCA Toronto’s Women’s shelters. But by the end of the day, I realized the event made me even […]

03 Jul

Quinoa and Barley and Bulgar…oh my! Community Cooking at YWCA Toronto

Events by YWCA Toronto

By Susannah Ireland Cooking as a group is a great opportunity to learn new techniques in the kitchen while building a sense of community ownership over health and wellness. Women in YWCA Toronto’s shelters were recently invited to attend a healthy cooking workshop to share ideas, ingredients, and a few laughs with their neighbours. When […]

18 Jan

On City Building

Advocacy by YWCA Toronto

As Toronto’s budget debate rages and the debate around Ontario budget looms, I am struck by the ways in which we are increasingly encouraged to think of ourselves and our neighbors as taxpayers, rather than citizens or community members. There is a kind of historical revisionism occurring in which our public services are being painted […]

06 Jun

Clicking to Build a Better City!

Advocacy by YWCA Toronto

Sshh! Can you hear it? Yes that’s it…all that clicking. No, it’s not the sound of a million little bed bug feet—and we are all grateful for that! That sound you hear is the busy clicking of mouse buttons and computer keys as residents from Scarborough to Etobicoke log on to complete the Toronto Services […]