What makes you give?





National Philanthropy Day is November 15th.  We thank all our donors and supporters! How do you decide to give? Deepa Jain began her YWCA Toronto experience with a summer job at our Bergamot Avenue Apartments.  After that she decided she wanted to give back.  Read how she used her experiences to raise nearly $6K for the YWCA Elm Centre.

To be honest, up until I sent in my resume, I had never even heard of YWCA Toronto.  I was desperately searching for summer employment. I saw the job posting for the YWCA summer student position and quickly sent in my resume and cover letter.

A couple of weeks later, I received a telephone call for an interview and began to search YWCA Toronto’s website for any information I could find. Needless to say, when I started reading about the amazing things the YWCA does for women and children, I was blown away and knew that I had to be part of the team. As cliché as it sounds, it is actually entirely true.

Thankfully, I was given the position and in my opinion what turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime. I got along great with all of the staff at the YWCA and found them to be genuinely caring and above all, trustworthy individuals. I think it hit me one day while I was sitting at my desk and a lovely woman had come in crying hysterically. She was talking about her ex-husband with one of the community support workers. At that moment I realized that the staff is like family to the women and children that live in these apartments. You get to see the children grow up, and watch the families go through their ups and downs. The one main constant in their lives is the YWCA staff. The woman left assured that everything would work out, and she would be okay. This is how all of my days went at the YWCA; witnessing a struggle and a triumph.  It was an eye-opening experience, and I feel honoured that I was given the chance to be part of these families that summer. I was welcomed with open arms, and let go with a promise to keep in touch.  

The one thing I will take away from working at YWCA is seeing firsthand the difference safe, affordable housing can make for women and children in our community. I see this as what the YWCA strives to achieve and ultimately why I continue to respect and contribute to the organization.

My time at the YWCA went by extremely quickly, but after I completed my term I did not want to stop being part of the organization. I heard about a charity run that was being held in honour of the ELM Centre (the new YWCA apartment being built downtown) and decided that I was going to try and raise $6,500 to donate! I did this because I wanted to give the YWCA something back for the opportunity that they had awarded me during the summer.

When I asked family and friends for donations, I told them all about my summer experience and how much I had grown and taken away from YWCA. I ended up raising a total of $5,700 for Elm. I am very proud of that fact, but still feel that there is plenty more to be done. This is a great organization with wonderful people, and I would recommend volunteering, working for, or taking part in the YWCA any which way you can. I will continue to contribute to the YWCA, and I hope this will motivate you to do the same. – Deepa Jain


  1. Sumi
    11 years ago

    You never cease to amaze me. Sometimes I forget how much you’ve grown up, and sometimes YOU forget just how much you’ve accomplished. So take a minute to feel good about what you’ve achieved and all the difference you’ve made!

  2. sonya
    11 years ago

    Thats very endearing and motivating to read. I hope to find a cause to be passionate about as you are. To continue to give back to the community taken a unique type of person.