YWCA Toronto rises & dances because this is our revolution!

YWCA Toronto is rising with one billion others around the world today because we agree with Emma Goldman, “If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution!”

YWCA Toronto is rising to express our rage and devastation.

And YWCA Toronto is rising because we believe that while it is important and necessary for us to offer shelter to women and girls fleeing violence, we would rather tear down our shelters because they had become redundant.

And so while we are helping women and girls heal from violence, YWCA Toronto is also working to create a society marked by equality, safety and economic security that is free of violence, that is thriving as women and girls are empowered to live lives full of joy and generosity.

YWCA Toronto is rising because this is our revolution – and so we are DANCING!

Sarah Blackstock – Director of Advocacy & Communications YWCA Toronto